Healthcare Safety & Health Resources

The Center is committed to improving the safety of those who work in healthcare by reducing occupational exposures to blood and body fluids.  As such we have curated resources for you related to occupational exposures, worker safety, and infectious disease.

Consensus Statements and Calls to Action

needlestick safety and prevention act anniversary

Moving the Sharps Safety in Healthcare Agenda Forward in the United States: 2020 Consensus Statement and Call to Action.  20th Anniversary of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act.

Improving Work Wear for Workers at Risk of Exposure to Blood, Body Fluids, and Other Biologic Hazards: A Consensus Statement and Call to Action

Recent Publications

Sharps Inflicting Increased Wounds in the OR, OR Manager, August 2018

Splash Safety – Protecting Your Eyes (Part 1), American Nurse Today
Splash Safety – Protecting Your Eyes (Part 2), American Nurse Today

Changing Injury Trends Related to Diabetes and Insulin Injection (Part 1), American Nurse Today
Building Programs to Reduce Sharps Injuries from Insulin Injection (Part 2), American Nurse Today

Comparing Non-safety with Safety Device Sharps Injury Incidence Data from Two Different Occupational Surveillance Systems, Journal of Hospital Infection Read More

New measures for patient safety and worker safety, including blood/body fluid exposures and sharps injuries, The Leapfrog Group Read More

“Lessons Learned from EPINet” three-part series, American Nurse Today
Preventing Needlestick Injuries
Preventing Blood and Body Fluid Splashes and Splatters
Preventing Injuries from Disposable Syringes

Safety Center Presentations & Educational Material

At the Center, we are often asked to give podium presentations, posters, and educational sessions related to occupational safety and health in healthcare. These are some of the presentations that we have been honored to deliver. We simply ask that if you use them or any component of them that you reference the original presentation. Thank you. Happy teaching!

Preventing Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare. Webinar co-sponsored by The International Safety Center and the Johns Hopkins Education and Research Center.

Quantifying Occupational Risk in the OR from Blood and Body Fluid Splashes and Splatters. OR Manager Conference Poster Presentation, September 2016.

Blood and Body Fluid Eye Exposure Risk on the Rise. AOHP Conference Poster Presentation, September 2016

Occupational Blood and Body Fluid Exposures During Device Processing: Using Data to Create Safer Workplaces. IAHCSMM Conference Poster Presentation, April 2016

“Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Drugs”

Oncology Nursing Society. May 2016. San Antonio, TX. USP New Requirement 2018 Roll Out. “ Empowering Nurses. Improving Safety. Making the Case for Building Safe Systems to Reduce Exposures to Hazardous Drugs.” (Sponsored by B Braun)

“Impact of US Policy on Sharps Injuries, Blood and Body Fluid Exposures”

Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). May 2016. Mexico City, Mexico. “The Impact of Regulations on Bloodborne and Biological Hazards in the USA: Progress & Lessons Learned”

Safer Medical Device Terms, Parameters & Product List

Our compiled “Summary of Safer Medical Device Terms and Defining Parameters” document is available to use for ease of referencing safer device terms from a variety of organizations.

This safety device product list has been compiled by the International Safety Injury Prevention Society (ISIPS) to help clinicians reduce sharps injuries and bloodborne pathogen exposures. It contains scores of safety product categories with a description of the category and a list of safety products that fit under that category. Are you aware of other safety products that should be included in this list? Please send an e-mail to [email protected].

EPINet Manuals

Download your EPINet/Access user manual in PDF format:

EPINet Manual
EPINet-OR Manual
EPINet Network Administrator Manual

Continuing Education Courses

Earn CEUs online. Access OSHA compliance and EPINet how-to sessions. It’s all available now at ISC.

Exposure Resource Links

The International Safety Center has curated links to federal agency, World Health Organization, university, and association resources on occupational exposure prevention and healthcare workplace safety.

These web-based resources may be useful to you and your institution if:

An employee has just experienced a sharps injury or blood exposure

You are building a Bloodborne Pathogens Compliance Program

You are evaluating new engineering controls (safety devices) or selecting personal protective equipment (PPE)

You are building, revising, or updating employee training materials

You need information on emerging infectious disease threats

Occupational Exposures to Blood and Body Fluids

This PDF features research from around the world published in national and international journals. It includes research conducted on needlesticks and sharps injuries, blood and body fluid exposures, and occupational exposures to bloodborne pathogens and infectious microorganisms.

There are currently more than 2,500 citations featured on this list and it is organized in chronological order by year. It will be updated annually.

If there are publications that you do not see on this list, please contact Dr. Amber Mitchell at [email protected].